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Praxis II Test

The following Specialty Area Tests are required for a Virginia license in the endorsement area(s) indicated below. Please note that a test score requirement has not yet been established for the endorsement areas of dance, economics (single subject), history (single subject), Latin, politics/government (single subject),  and theatre arts. The Praxis II is not offered as a computer-based test. Please note testing dates below.

Endorsement Area : Test Code: Test: Test Passing Score
Art Education (PreK-12) 10133 Art: Content Knowledge 159
Biology 20235 Biology: Content Knowledge 155
Chemistry 20245 Chemistry: Content Knowledge 153
Earth Science 20571 Earth & Space Sciences: Content Knowledge 156
Elementary Education (PreK-6) 10014 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge 143 English 10041 English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge 172
French 20173 French: Content Knowledge 169
Health & Physical Education (PreK-12) 20856 Heatlh & Physical Education: Content Knowledge 151
Mathematics 10061 Mathematics: Content Knowledge 147
Music - Vocal, Choral, or Instrumental (PreK-12) 10113 Music: Content Knowledge 160
Physics 10265 Physics: Content Knowledge 147
Social Studies 10081 Social Sciences Content Knowledge 161
Spanish 10191 Spanish: Content Knowledge 161

For more information and to register, visit the Praxis web site at

Or call ETS at 800-772-9476. Registration bulletins are also available in the CDC.